Workout Warrior Kratom Blend!

One of our KVR Team Members loves the relationship they have with Kratom and working out. Specifically, they are a fan of White and (Select Green) Strains to introduce into their pre-workout routine and prep. They have long since dropped the habit of consuming the jittery Pre-Workout Formulas that are mega-laden with Caffeine, Taurine and other less-than-fabulous natural additions to most of the popular and well-known mixes.

And while they usually stick with Blends from some of the longer-known companies on the KVR Site, they were recently invited to experience the creativity of creating a KVR Blend of White Maeng Da and White Thai – with a sprinkle of Red Elephant for some serious zest – from the fine folks at Organa Kratom. We didn’t tell them who the sample was from or what the components were; only that we’d like them to consider the possibility of something new for their pre-workout routine. The next day, we received a enthusiastic message from our Workout Friend: “What the H-E-Double-Hockey-Stick was that?!?” We asked, “Is that a good thing or a bad thing?” The reply was, “I haven’t had a workout experience like that in quite some time. I’ve been doing this for way long enough that I always pretty much know how I’m going to feel going into it; with some small variances in energy and/or motivation. But, wow. I was as confident, energized and feeling 21 again as I’ve been in a long, long time! Not only that, while I usually start winding down after an hour-or so, I felt none of that this time. I felt like I could go another hour or even longer.” We then let them know what was new to their routine (The Organa Kratom Blend) that wasn’t present before, and they said, “I think I’ve found a new favorite.” Pretty impressive from someone who previously thought they’d reached a plateau which was as motivating as it was going to get.

Moral of the story: Never think you’ve seen or heard it all.

Moral of the story Part II: Check out the Menu from Organa Kratom. We don’t think you’ll be disappointed!

Have a favorite Kratom pre-workout routine that you feel strongly about? Feel free to comment below!